We look forward to

 seeing you

Here at the Wild Rice Bar & Grill, we like to take a different approach to service; ditch the corporate hoopla and mix it up with an atmosphere that is both fun, and family friendly.

Located just a few minutes’ drive south of Fargo, we are rooted in the small town of Wild Rice. The current bar is an extension of what was once a home and general store in the railroad settlement. After major flooding and efforts to prevent future flooding, the Wild Rice Bar & Grill is now one of only four buildings left. You can see the whole town from the parking lot!

Come enjoy the relaxing patio area in the summer, or come inside and feel the hustle and bustle of Fargo fall away as you walk through the door. If its Tuesday at 3 pm or Saturday at 11 pm, stop in enjoy a cocktail and tell us about your day, or tell us to turn up the music.

Check our family-friendly dining area, or belly up and enjoy a cold one and a burger at our full-service bar. The menu has a variety of home cooked meals, with a kick of roadhouse and, of course, those deep fried, modern delicacies. With all the variety, there is something for everyone.

Whatever the occasion, we look forward to seeing you and making your experience a great one.


Would Love

Our Food

We think food should be comfortable and made from ingredients your grandma would use.

That’s why, from our juicy, hand-pattied burgers to our real mashed potatoes, mouthwatering prime rib, and traditional knoephla soup, we go the extra mile to make fabulous tasting unfancy fare!

Check out our menu and daily specials.

Seriously, it’s impossible to make a wrong choice when you’re eating at Wild Rice Bar & Grill!

Wild Rice Bar and Grill loves to have fun like no other place we know!

Relax and enjoy the company of great people, great music, and great food!